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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tony Sahara Edda wallpaper pictures

Tony Sahara currently has this fantastic picture from the Edda cover as the background to his home page.

Updated to add: You can download Edda Wallpapers from Tony's site!


  1. Ghost and Cindella look AMAZING! I can't wait to read Edda! (Especially the part's with Ghost - definitely my favorite character.)

  2. I agree, Cindella is so dynamic here. Thanks for the comment about Ghost, she is my favourite character to write about and gets a pretty big part in Edda. You see things from her view about the same amount as you see them from Erik's. The rest of the book is mostly a new character: Penelope. Not long now until Edda is out, here in Ireland at least.

  3. Do you know the release date for Edda in the U.S.?

  4. Hi John, thanks for your interest. 4 August is the date for a US hardcover. Here in Ireland we have the books back from the printer and they will be released in a couple of weeks. The official launch is 3 June and I'll give Andrew the full details when I have them.


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