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Monday, February 07, 2011

Conor Kostick is looking for a title for the Epic, Saga, Edda series

Conor Kostick writes

Calling all readers of this blog! My publishers want a good title for the Epic, Saga, Edda series. It is quite a challenge to find the right phrase. The Cindella Dragonslayer Trilogy is a bit long and perhaps misleading as although Epic and Edda have a lot of fantasy, Saga has hardly any. The Cyber Worlds Trilogy sounds a bit dated, while the Cloud Wars Trilogy is perhaps a bit cryptic. Avatar Chronicles is good and perhaps the front runner, but a bit too similar to the film Avatar. Multiverse Trilogy isn't bad but other authors, most notably Michael Moorcock, have already written books in a multiverse series. So does anyone have any good suggestions? I'd be very glad to hear them and I'll send a signed copy of the first run of Edda to you as well as my thanks if we use your idea.
If you have ideas then please leave a comment!


  1. I reread this post like eighty times before I decided to actually write up a response... Hopefully I can provide some useful input.
    I like the sound of 'Avatar Chronicles' but possibly something *like* 'multiverse trilogy' might be better. The word multiverse is good. Although perhaps something taking off of the Dark Queen's explanation of Saga and why it's not less real than Erik's world - 'Nested Worlds trilogy' or some such thing.
    Lastly, maybe something that references the virtual status of the worlds... Perhaps one of those blended word-style things... 'Virtuality' (virtual/reality)? Hmm. Sounds weird.
    Hopefully one of those is something you like.

  2. Hi Grey, thanks for that quick response and I'm glad you overcame your hesitancy to actually post, I hope more people do the same as it's very helpful. I like the idea of the blended word along the lines of Virtuality and shall think about that ...

  3. Perhaps a tittle that would pertain to Epic's true purpose and how it was used as a tool for the CA . My vocabulary isn't a very big one so I cannot really suggest anything. I suppose something like Forerunner as the creators of Epic were dead when it was used like that. (Sorry, if that information is wrong then I need to finish Saga.)

  4. I wasn't thinking earlier and I realized I can't name a book.

  5. how about the Digiverse trilogy
    or the digitalverse trilogy
    i think this describes the books as i remeber them.

    maby the collision trilogy because the worlds seem to collide with one another.?

  6. Tough one, the Avatar Chronicles sounds actually very good, and it explains the concept of the books, that being that they are their avatars in game. But i can also see why you would avoid using that title.

    I was maybe thinking, New Earth trilogy, or something that describes the world they live in.

    Another idea is something along the lines, that describes the world it takes place in, maybe the Online or Digital Triology.

    Maybe something that references the worlds colliding, since people in Saga thought that their own world of Saga was real, while it was a game. Maybe "clashing trilogy" Like in that the worlds are clashing with each other.

    I'm anticipating your pick for the name of the series, it's a tough pick since the world of Epic/Saga is so unique. Whatever you pick i'll be happy with the title.

  7. Great suggestions folks, thanks. Interesting that two of you came up with using the term 'digital', much better than 'virtual', because there is nothing virtual about the Dark Queen and - in Edda - Lord Scanthax.
    I should explain that the plot of Edda is that a new threat arising from a digital world is a being who has emerged victorious from a MMORPG akin to Age of Empires or some similar resource management/conquest game. Lord Scanthax now has his eyes on Saga.
    My current favourite is MMORPGs & Monsters, but I don't know what my publishers will make of that.
    Keep 'em coming! Thanks again.

  8. how about some thing along the lines of "the path trilogy" because the people of new earth have to find the path that will lead them to prosperity and away from destruction and to relearn what some of their ansistors knew... the path of life taht alowed you to live well and have fun at the same time. :) i hope this helps you out.

    - sincerly

    arthur H

  9. Thanks Arthur, the idea of a path is good, especially because Cindella and Ghost go on a huge journey in Edda. I'm still favouring MMPORPGs & Monsters at the moment though.

  10. It's all over! The publishers have gone with Avatar Chronicles, which to be fair does capture the spirit of the series and I guess no one (e.g. the film) has the sole claim on such a useful term as avatar. Thanks for your assistance, I found brainstorming online a lot of fun and definitely something that drew a much wider range of ideas than if the discussion had been limited to the publishers and myself.

  11. Is this a trilogy? Book 4, 5, and more, please!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I must choose a winner from your excellent suggestions ... and whilst I sincerely appreciate them all and wish I had loads of books to spare (you might be interested to learn that I get ten free copies when my books are published, which is fairly typical I think, just enough for family and friends) I think I'll award the book to David Klein. Digiverse is a great word. David if you email Andrew your snail mail address I'll post you a signed copy. They are expected to be available in Ireland in May. Thanks again everyone and to Peny, but no more Avatar Chronicles for now.

  14. Im a major fan of the books but I agree that the series needs a title. Im thinking off the top of my head here, but I think something like the "Clashing Universe Trilogy" would work. I know I ultimately suck at naming books,or anything in that matter, but I try.

    1. Hi bookworkgirl,
      Thanks for the comment but it seems like "Avatar Chronicles" was the final choice


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