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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Move by Conor Kostick to be published in September

Cover of Move by Conor Kostick

Amazon has the new Conor Kostick book listed in the UK, US and Canada. The publication date is 22 Sep 2008. The cover says that Conor Kostick is:

the author of the internationally acclaimed Epic and Saga.
The tag line is:
Everything comes with a price.

The blurb at O'Brien Press says:
What if you could live in a universe where you were always the winner?

Pushed to his limits by a horrific accident, Liam discovers he has an amazing ability: he can ‘move’ to parallel universes where things always turn out just the way he wants. But every time he moves the fabric of the metaverse begins to tear. And something evil begins to find its way in ...

A gripping fantasy adventure story of the battle between a teenage boy and a terrible demon.

It is also the deeper tale of how Liam changes, emerging from the final crisis a much wiser person than the boy for whom the ability to swap universes made the world his toy.

A thrilling roller-coaster ride from an award-winning author.

David Maybury has a pre-publication copy. He says:

Conor is back with a bigger, better and even more thrilling book called Move

Saturday, August 09, 2008

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