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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Epic front cover Czech edition

Epic has been published in the Czech Republic.


  1. @ShakespearesBrother16 I agree! Nice to see an original piece of work.

  2. somehow I wish for that cover to be the U.S. cover

  3. Im from Czech Republic I've read it three times and the book is always on my night table. But :( in our country its imposible to find another book from Conor K. Im tired of waiting for releasing new books ...I want it now :(...also I want buy Conors books in original language but I dont know where :( I wish that this comment could read Conor K. and gave me some info. how to buy his books.
    Also would somebody be so kind and send me an email where can I get some books? Uk store nevermind but new books? My email david.salcer(a)
    Thanks very much and sorry for my bad english

  4. Hi Dejwy, sorry I missed your comment and it's taken me so long to respond. Do deliver to the Czech Republic? If not, you can order my books in English from . Hopefully the Czech publishers will buy Saga and Edda and translate them. You can email them about it!


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