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Friday, December 07, 2007

Brazil cover for Epic

The cover of Epic in Brazil.


  1. That cover is amazing, though not what I would expect on a cover here. I wonder what this says about Brazil. Or here.

  2. I am a brazilian boy.
    Age: 17
    That book is very good.
    This cover is among the best.

  3. We of Brazil want more books from Conor Kostick translated into Portuguese

    "Saga" is the continuation of "Epic"?

  4. Hi Cayyam!
    Yes, Saga is the continuation of "Epic".

  5. Thanks for your reply my question.
    Me and my friends who also read "Épico" look forward to that there is a Brazilian version to "Saga", you can tell me if there is already some version in Portuguese or as a last resort in Spanish?

    I sent an e-mail.
    Excuse my cheap English.


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