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Monday, November 06, 2006

What's inside the package of the German audio version of Epic on CD?

What's inside the package of the German audio version of Epic by Conor Kostick

When I originally wrote about the German audio version of Epic I was impressed that it had three voice actors. But in fact there are at least twenty actors performing the different voices. It is quite a large production. Pictured above you can see what comes inside the box. At there is already a five star review which picks up on the philosophical quesions that Epic raises:

Are humans by nature violent? How does evil define itself? What does this relate to the MORAL and the ETHICS of humans? Can totalitarian or egalitarian systems help? How do systems of government change with long lasting power? Does one give POWER also voluntarily? EPIC is a modern version of the answer to one of the oldest questions of mankind
[Automatic translation by Google, hand-edited by me, all mistakes are mine]

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