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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Conor Kostick to appear at WorldCon

The World Science Fiction Convention is being help in Glasgow from 4-8 August 2005. Among the participants is our own Conor Kostick. The full schedule is 99 pages long and Conor has seven scheduled appearances, including the following highlights: The Real Middle Ages: Since the time of William Morris, much fantasy has been set in a pre-industrial world of warriors and castles. Why do writers love the Middle Ages? What do the authors leave out, or get wrong? The Second Golden Age of Children's Fantasy (1970-1990): What inspired such a wealth of fantasy writing for young people in this period? What gives these stories lasting appeal for writers, critics and children now? A Discussion of SF and Computer Games: Writing SF based on games, games based on SF and mutual tie-ins from other sources such as films. A Discussion of Harry Potter A Kaffeeklatsch including Connie Willis (winner of six Nebula and Six Hugo Awards, which is more than any other science fiction writer)

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