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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Signed Epic goes for £20.01

The first copy of Epic sold for £20.01. I asked the seller where he got it from:

The book was purchased directly from the publisher who had the author sign them for me . So yes it is guaranteed authentic Regards Bill
I wondered how he was able to do this, his reply:
I do have contacts, as you can see from E-bay rating I've been selling books for a number of years now Regards Bill
I asked the publisher, O'Brien Press, whether they would sell me a signed first edition. So far there has been no reply.

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  1. Altogether I have signed twenty books at the publishers request, so it is entirely reasonable to suppose that this particular one is authentic. There is a way of telling, as well as my signature I also put a certain short sentence.
    Incidently, the really collectable books will be those which I sent to the named individuals in the front of the book, by way of thanks, and which I signed with my character name from a popular role playing game.


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